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DAWN Task Elected Ogun Lawmakers Makers on Responsible Legislation

DAWN Task Elected Ogun Lawmakers Makers on Responsible Legislation

By AfricanOutlook Reporter

The Development Agenda for Western Nigeria Commission, (DAWN), on Thursday advised all the elected members of the Ogun State House Assembly and other lawmakers elected into the National Assembly to represent the state not to shy away from their responsibilities to the electorate.

Rt. Hon Suraj Adekunbi, (L) Ogun Speaker with Ogun State Representatives of DAWN, Ogbeni Lanre Banjo at the seminar

The Commission is the program management institution set up by the six South-West Governments of Ekiti, Lagos, Ondo, Osun and Oyo to make, midwife and mainstream evolutionary ideas for the progress of the southwestern region.

The call on the lawmakers was made known by Ogun State Representatives of DAWN, Ogbeni Lanre Banjo at a retreat organized by the commission for the legislators-elect, which took place at the House of Assembly Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta

He also enjoined them, to avoid rocking the boat of the state as they prepare for their legislative duties in due course pointing out that, because of the commission's natural and legal duty to plan for the growth of the South-West, it became imperative to orientate them on the importance of their legislative duties.

"We feel obligated to orientate the legislators-elect and tell them the home truth about their roles as legislators,their responsibilities to the electorate and the need to work with the Governor to advance the course of the citizens of our state," Banjo stated.

He further charged them to  convince the world that, the state is being represented by genuine legislators, "the honourables that merit their honours, the true honourables that respect and care for the citizens. Certainly, if the problems to be discussed here today are to be solved then in final analysis,
minds must be, challenged nurtured and changed."

"Continuous education and our guiding religious tenets must play a great role in changing the heart. But I must go on to say that while it may be true that morality cannot be legislated, behaviour can be regulated.  It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can handcuff the heartless," Banjo stressed.

'It may be true that the law cannot make a man love another but it can keep him from lyching a fellow humanbeing and from being a public nuisance. I think this is pretty important if we all choose to have a respectable and advanced society. So there is need for judicial decrees for all of us to now have something to enforce'

Banjo also stated the need for the lawmakers to provide laws in the book that protect citizens and inhabitants of the state,and for people to be safe,for businesses to thrive and for the region to progress, stressing that, from critical and knowledgable sectors in law and politics,is expected to begin the process of collectively developing ideas, programmes and perspectives towards finding long-lasting solution to the ignored areas uncovered by laws.

In his own remarks, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon Suraj Adekunbi said, what the lawmakers were taught will go a long way to add value to their legislative duties, and make them better representatives.

"What we are taught,will make us a better representatives. We are here to represent interest of our people. It is important for us that we should champion the course of our people," Adekunbi emphasised.

Meanwhile, at the session three papers were delivered with topics,'Lawmaking Process', 'The Legislative and Sustaining a Viable Working Relationship with the Executive' and 'The Role of Legislators in Relation to the Development of South-West, delivered respectfully by Mrs Abimbola Akeredolu (Ogun State Commissioner for Justice), Prof Diji Aina, (Department of Political Science, Babcock University and Dipo Famakinwa (Director-General, DAWN)

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