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Ogun Assembly Passes Sports Development, Water Sector Bills

Ogun Assembly Passes Sports Development, Water Sector Bills

By AfricanOutlook Reporter

In an effort to enable Ogun State Government raise required funds for sponsorship and provision of ultra-modern facilities in the sports sector as well as ensuring the efficient distribution of water across the State, the State House of Assembly has passed the Sports Development Trust Fund and Management Committee Law, 2013 and the Ogun State Water Sector Law, 2014.

Presenting reports of the Committees on the two bills, the Chairman House Committee on Youth, Sports and Employment Generation, Hon. Wilfred Allen-Taylor and his Energy, Water Resources and Rural Development counterpart, Hon. Oludaisi Elemide, said the reports being presented contained inputs from the relevant stakeholders which would go a long way to assist government in funding sporting activities and enhance job creation as many youths would be engaged in the sector.


On its part, the Water Sector Law, 2014 would ensure unhindered access to potable water in all parts of the State and reposition the sector to meet the demand of the populace.


The adoption of the two reports was sequel to the motion for the adoption moved by Honourables Olufemi Wifred Allen-Taylor and Oludaisi Elemide and was seconded by Bowale Solaja and Olusola Sonuga respectively with the support of the whole House.  Consequently, the clause–to–clause reading and amendments were done by the committee of the whole House, after which the bills were read for the third time by the Clerk of the House, Mr. Muyiwa Adenopo.


With the passage of the bill, “H.B NO 45/OG/2014- The Ogun State Water Sector Law, 2014- a bill for a law to make provision for the establishment of the Ogun State Water Sector, The Ogun State Water Corporation, The Ogun State Water Regulatory Commission and for other matters incidental thereto and connected therewith,” would further enhance the smooth operations of the Water Sector Management Authorities.


On its part, the “HB No. 39/OG/2013-The Ogun State Sports Development Trust Fund and Management Committee, 2013-A bill for a law for the establishment of Ogun State Sports Development Trust Fund and Management Committee to manage the fund or for other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto”, would promote private sector participation in sports development in the State and reduce financial burden from government as being done in the developed world.


Passing the two bills separately at the plenary, Speaker Suraju Ishola Adekunbi, ordered that the clean copies of the bills be sent to the State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun for his assent.


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