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Nigeria 2015: Professional Group in Canada Endorses Jonathan

Nigeria 2015: Professional Group in Canada Endorses Jonathan

…Assures president 2m mortgage sector jobs

By AfricanOutlook Reporter

President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid was Tuesday boosted by 50 Nigerian professionals resident in Canada.

The Nigerian professionals who are medical doctors, engineers, economists, educators, captains of industries, legal luminaries and policy analysts met in Toronto, Ontario and endorsed Jonathan for another four years.  They promised to support the president, after his victory in Saturday’s elections, in the creation of two million jobs in the mortgage sector in Nigeria.

The Convener of the group, Hon Achor Humphreys, said that the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Canada Chapter, who is a mortgage investment expert, Prince Michael Daramola, has assured the president that the job would be created in the next five years.  Humphreys said in a release Tuesday that a housing development scheme synonymous with the Canadian mortgage financial model would be presented to Jonathan for immediate implementation for the benefit of Nigerians.

"Through their housing plan tailored in line with Canadian Mortgage financing model which will be presented to President Jonathan after the election will create more than two million jobs in the mortgage industry in Nigeria over the next five years," he explained.


According to the convener, the endorsement came after three months of study of the manifestoes of the PDP and All Progressive Congress (APC), and plans by Jonathan and APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.  Humphreys stated further that the study was carried out "in order to tell Nigerians, with their expertise, which of the candidates’ plan will fulfil the Nigerian dream."

"“Having subjected their research and findings to various rigorous scientific and economic cum policy crucibles coupled with ‘Fortune 500’ model used in analysing and rating companies and economies confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that the Transformation Agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan will put Nigeria on the path of economic prosperity and social security than that of General Buhari,” he stressed further.

"This assertion was based on their 18 point research findings,” Humphreys said, adding: “This is the biggest endorsement by any professional body in this election.”


The convener added that Dr. Geoffrey Ebere, a representative of Ottawa chapter of the professionals in diaspora, assured that under Jonathan the country would guarantee a secured and prosperous future for Nigerians.  Similarly, Mr. Clement Sofin and a businessman, Razak Olayiwola, who represented the Montreal chapter collectively, assured that the president would be re-elected because Nigerians now know that his plans and policies will usher in "the Nigerian dream."

Also, Ms. Tayo Ajayi, an Accountant and top official of the group, explained that because of Jonathan's achievements Nigerian women are competing with their peers in advanced democracies.  In his contribution, a top investor, Mr. Taiwo Ajala, confirmed that his firm would be investing in Nigeria because of president Jonathan's policies which has made the country the number one destination for investors in Africa.

Similarly, a leader in Transformation Agenda Nigeria (TAN) in Canada, Chief Collins Ogoke, said that the professionals carried out a thorough job in arriving at the agenda of Jonathan as the best for Nigerians.  Ogoke commended the founder of TAN, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba, and fellow citizens who worked tirelessly in ensuring that Nigerians were aware of the achievements of the president since assumption of office.

"I hereby express my unwavering support and pleasure for the way the PDP and TAN have been working together even in Canada and that with that victory is assured come March 28," Humphreys stressed.