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Buruji Kashamu Extradition: History Repeating Itself?!

Buruji Kashamu Extradition: History Repeating Itself?!


By Olaide Olowu, Chicago, USA

A man alleged to have sold Heroine to consumers in the US is now being expatriated to the United States by Africans.

Ogun East Senator-elect, Prince Buruji Kashamu

Isn't that the same thing that happened when the first Africans under the guise of trouble makers were handed over to WESTERN Europeans and their kind, that we as Africans, don't know from nowhere and are not even related to? 16 million of them, to Western Europeans who brought them to the same America to be tortured to death. A large number of them are still being harassed by the Government and so called Democratic process in the US.

You will think Africans and leaders of thought in Nigeria will stand up for Buruji as an African and will see beyond their petty differences and punish their own back home. Why not deny Buruji the opportunity of being a senator rather than send him to the US against his will? Will an American ever be repatriated to the so called government of Nigeria? for any reason? even if it's treasonable felony and conspiracy? Remember Margaret Thatcher's son? Was he repatriated to Equatorial Guinea? Africans can not think, no wonder nobody respects us in the committee of nations.

THE YORUBAS WILL SAY - OMO ENI KI BURU, BURU, KA GBE FUN EKUN PA JE. (Literally: We cannot give up a child to the lion to devour simply for being bad.)

The small state of Israel with less than 10 million people will not repatriate any member of their nation to anyone, not even the BIG BROTHER US, their number one benefactor and ally.

Some few years ago, Britain and their East Indian companies were selling these same drugs to the Chinese to balance their trade deficit. When the Chinese complained and took action against the British, they attacked China and took Hongkong as reparation cost for 100 years. (DON'T BE LAZY, READ HISTORY BLACK MAN)

No African leader has ever demanded of the Western Europeans, an apology for DEHUMANIZATION OF THE AFRICAN, not even to talk of REPARATION. Like MUGABE said, we are always laughing like Fools in the presence of our eternal TORMENTORS and always ready to sell our kind. No wonder the average white American feel ashamed that Obama, who is half European and Half African is their President, and treat his presidency with such disdain.


I am not saying drug peddling is ok. For Gods sake. when are we going to, display some oblongata. African Americans make up 80 percent of people in white America's jail system. The same drug charges, carry different judgments for African Americans and European Americans. With longer time for the African American and no time in most cases for European Americans.

Now that Indian hemp has been legalized by some states in the US, The European American young kids are making billions of dollars for planting, selling and distributing Indian Hemp, while the young African American men still languish in American jails for smoking Pot. Is that the kind of system our former president is rushing to support, even if Jimmy Carter is your GOD FATHER?

AMERICA is not helping us as a people. The government of America is telling us about democracy, when there is no democracy for their population of African descent. Go to Florida, Missouri, Baltimore, Ohio (Where a 12 year old African American kid was shot dead, by grown up Police officers, for playing in the yard with a toy Gun).

Everyday here people like Baba Obasanjo are used as target practice by so called white folks. Why do we have to wash our dirty laundry in our enemies front yard. I don't care if BURUJI is a PDP and I'm a ACN, Buruji is my brother. he just happens to be a drug dealer, but that's not the worst thing that a man can do to another man.

A people who can drop atomic bomb on you for no reason, a people that can capture your kind and rape them and molest them for 450 years, a people that are so devilishly cunning that they will make you deny your God. Africans can forgive Western Europeans but they can not forgive themselves. My people, it is a shame to be an African.

Nobody is ready to help us in the world. Imagine Nigerian Senators paying themselves, $1.75 million dollars per annum and reps paying themselves $1.45 millions per annum and America or European countries are not crying foul in their newspapers? They do not care about our people.

Please, you know Nigeria cannot continue to pay this type of salaries to these people without serious trouble. I was told that Nigeria's ex-presidents get 21 million naira per month? 'Am I the only one who can see that there is something wrong with this political system?

Anyway, Just have to vent some.

Have a nice American memorial day... Or what you call the Unknown Soldier day in Nigeria. or Soldier Idumota day.

With much Love and affection still for Nigeria.

Laide Olowu wrote from Chicago, Illinois, USA


0 #2 Moyosore, Nigeria 2015-05-25 15:50
What an explicitly and scientific memorial justifications...It's nothing but the truth...How i wish, africans can reason like this...
0 #1 yemi ajibola 2015-05-25 14:55
It's unfortunate that kashamu is in this situation. This serve as a lesson to others, when he was being used to play the game under those that are now calling for his head, he was not wanted in US. We should all remember God in all we do. How many foreigners have been repatriated to nigeria to face charges? I am not indulging kashamu but it's unfortunate he has to be scapegoat. May be he should drop his election, kip his mouth shut and go and the ebora himself.

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