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Photo: Ogun Monarch Splash Millions on Son's Colorful Society Wedding in Ilorin

Photo: Ogun Monarch Splash Millions on Son's Colorful Society Wedding in Ilorin

By AfricanOutlook Reporter

The traditional ruler of Itori community in Ogun State, Oba Fatai Akamo has lavished millions of naira to celebrate the marriage of his son, Adelani Maruf, at a ceremony which also had in attendance over twenty-five monarchs from across the south west of Nigeria.

The marriage according to our correspondent who covered it took place at M&M International Conference Hall in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital, with over five thousands guests across the country and beyond also as guests.

AfricanOutlook online also reports that wives of Governors of Kwara and Ogun States were not left out from the talk of the town wedding event which was conducted under Islamic injunctions known as Nikkahi, by a renowned Sheik, Sulmm Ajilogbaso, where both families openly agreed to join their children together as husband and wife.

The 28 year old husband is a graduate of Babcock University, Ilishan, Ogun State, where he bagged Bsc in Business Studies, and Msc from Greenwich University London, while the wife (26) is also a graduate of Economics from the University of Ilorin.

Pictures (From top right: The newly weds; Top left: Groom's dad, the Olu of Itori with some guests; Right: The Royal family, Olu of Itori, Oba Fatai Akamo and his Oloris; and Bottom left: The Olu of Itori, groom's father welcomes guests to the event)

The Cleric in his sermon called on the couple,  to show love, commitment,trust and loyalty to each other throughout their life time, stressing that, they have just started a long life and permanent journey together.

Similarly, he called on parents to allow the couple to live their life without any negative interference, and equally charged the couple to take to wisdom, and avoid hearsay and sidetalk which may distract them, and most importantly they should have fear of God.

Father of the groom, who is Olu of Itori in Egbaland of Ogun State, during an interview with our correspondent expressed delight over the wedding, noting that one of the happiest days for parents is when they give out their children's hands in marriage after acquiring sound education. He prayed for the couple for a successful marriage.

The royal father, who is a known socialite called on the couple to always remember the joy on their wedding day, which should remain permanently in their home, as they begin their journey together, which is designed to last forever.

Also speaking, father of the bride, AbdulRaman Umar could not hide his joy, as he told AfricanOutlookonline that, the day remains one of his happiest moments in life, and prayed that, the couple will remain together throughout their life time.

He also charged them, to be weary of bad influences either from friends or any other person, and always remember that, they were tied together for purposes which are full of advantages for them, as they start their own family.


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