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Nigeria: 'Amebo' of Village Headmaster Calls for Improvement of Indigenous Movies

Nigeria: 'Amebo' of Village Headmaster Calls for Improvement of Indigenous Movies


Lagos, NIGERIA - Nigerian TV star, Mrs Ibidun Allison, popularly known as 'Amebo' in the rested nationally acclaimed Village Headmaster television series, on Thursday advised Nollywood producers to take corrections from veteran actors to improve on indigenous movies.

Actress Ibidun Allinson Photo courtesy Sunmi Smart-Cole

Allison told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that there was room for improvement but this could be done when the stakeholders listen to corrections and act on it.


"We are not meant to be alone and do things alone. We are to contribute and collaborate to help build the industry. So, may be they (producers) do not want to be corrected but to me it is not correction, it is improvement.


"Sometime ago, I was given a script to act on and I wanted to make some changes but it did not go down well with the producer. I have other producers that I corrected but they never came back with the script. They did not want to be corrected," she said.


The actress commended the performances of the Nollywood industry. She, however, said that most times the producers looked down on old actors and actresses, thinking they were unproductive. Allison said that the old and the young should work side by side so that the young would learn from the old.


"I have not abandoned acting. For you to act, someone has to give you a script and if I see a good script I will still act. You must also have a producer.


"I was a member of the Governing Council of the Nigerian Film Corporation from 2001 to 2003. When we got to Jos in Plateau, there was no single tape on the `Village Headmaster’. I complained but nothing was done and it was in London I saw the tapes being sold. Why it (tape) is not in the archives in the country, I do not know."