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Nigerian governor regrets distributing free laptops to high school students

Nigerian governor regrets distributing free laptops to high school students


By Dare Lasisi in London

The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi said that he regretted his decision to distribute free laptops to high school students in his state. The governor made the statement Tuesday while delivering a keynote address titled:The Challenge of Change: Democracy and Development in Ekiti State, Nigeria at the Chatham House in London.




According to the governor, he had received several unpleasant reports about the misuse of the gadgets by several of the students who benefited from the state's largess. Hear the governor " I regretted distributing free Samsung solar-powered laptops to Ekiti state high school students. I got many unpleasant reports from their teachers about the misuse and abuse of those laptops by our students. We cannot install internet on every laptop but computer laboratories in many schools have access to wireless internet services."

The governor also re-affirmed his stand for constructive opposition and nation-building in the state rather than politics of bitterness that may threaten the peace and tranquility of the state.

During the interactive session when asked about how his government has not been tolerant in coping with  the opposition people  with a reference to how one citizen reporter from Ekiti state, Mr Lere Olayinka was allegedly tortured and arrested by his security men Dr Fayemi responded by saying :
"If you know my past records,you will know that I was an opposition activist for many years. I ran an opposition radio station from London during the Abacha regime. I was in and out court for three and half years to re-claim my stolen mandate. I did not encourage my supporters to go into any violence to carry cudgels, machetes or any weapon.

This particular person (Lere Olayinka) you have just mentioned has been spreading total falsehood about my administration. He was also the media assistant to the man that was thrown out of office. He claimed I was arrested and detained in London for 46 days for money-laundering crime but no evidence till date. How can I be away for 46 days in Ekiti state? Social media offers anybody the opportunity to post any information online that is not independently verified."
Dr Fayemi also claimed that his government has provision for social security services for the elderly people in Ekiti state and  also understudying the good governance of Lagos state government under Mr Babatunde Fashola and accessible health services of Ondo state government under Dr Olusegun Mimiko. He also supports the regional integration of the South West of Nigeria regardless of any political party affiliation.
"We are now focusing on agriculture.Ekiti state is mid-way to both Abuja and Lagos.We are just about 5 hours drive from both market zones.We have also in partnership with a South African company to manage and reorganize Ikogosi warm spring into a world standard."
Nigerians in Diaspora
"I spent about 15 years in London. I was once tagged a foreigner or Tokunbo in Ekiti state but I convinced my people that I am one of them. It is a pride of every parent for any child to travel abroad and come back with proceeds and fresh ideas to improve the lives of his people. That is why I contested to be governor of my state. Nigerians in Diaspora must serve their country with humility.They must not be claiming because they have lived abroad for many years that they are better in ideas than Nigerians living in Nigeria. If they have such notion, nobody will be ready to listen to them."
Insecurity in Nigeria
"We have many strands of Boko Haram. We have political Boko haram, for those people sidelined from the main affairs of the country. We have ethnic Boko Haram. We have religious Boko Haram, we have criminal Boko Haram and we also have economic Boko Haram. Peace and security studies is my full-time job and area of specialization before coming into politics. We can all see that Tompolo is now running a maritime security for Nigerian government."

Assets declaration

Speaking on the issue of public declaration of assets, the governor said he had openly declared his assets: "When I was sworn-in as the executive governor of Ekiti state and late President Umaru Musa Yar Adua also did the same declaration before his death but President Goodluck Jonathan is yet to publicly declare his assets  to fellow Nigerians.'
State police

"In the United Kingdom,we have many police forces and they do not take instructions from the Prime Minister or Mayor of London.One of the reasons why many people do not support state police is  the claim that the governor or politician may use them against the people.But the federal government of Nigeria has been using the federal police against the people for many years.For example,if you post a police man from Ekiti state to Zamfara state to work.It will take him longer time to understand the culture and language of the areas which are needed to tackle crimes and to also maintain law and order."

 Renaming State universities

Dr Fayemi stated that the state could not be running too many state-controlled universities stating that there was a survey /opinion poll before his administration eventually arrived at the choice of Ekiti State University. EKSU located in Ado Ekiti. He added that everybody wanted the University in their local government area  but the choice of the name means the university belongs to Ekiti state government and not any local government area.
Among the personalities that attended the interactive session were former Osun state governor and Action Congress of Nigeria national chairman,Chief Bisi Akande, Mr Wale Oshun, pro-democracy activist, Mr Ayoade Adejumo, protem co-ordinator,Afenifere Renewal Group UK and Ireland, Ekiti indigenes in Diaspora, foreign media organizations and UK-based Nigerian journalists and bloggers.