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Illegal Operation: Ogun Clamps Down on Two Chinese Firms

Illegal Operation: Ogun Clamps Down on Two Chinese Firms


By AfricanOutlook Reporter

The Ogun State government in southwest Nigeria has sealed up two Chinese firms, XinXin Energy Limited and Zhuoye Ventures, clandestinely located in a jungle at Okun Owa in Odogbolu Local Government Area of the State and also impounded a petroleum tanker with registration number KJA 833 XF found within their premises.

The two were discovered to be involved in illegal manufacturing of petrochemical products including diesel, kerosene and black oil using materials that could constitute health hazards to people living in the area.


Commissioner for Environment, Engr. Ayo Olubori who announced the closure said he had earlier got an intelligence report indicating that the two firms were engaged in illicit activities, a development which prompted him to lead members of the enforcement unit of the Ministry to find out things for themselves.


He disclosed that findings later revealed that the firms also failed to obtain necessary documents from relevant government agencies of the State needed to certify their operations as the law stipulates.


Olubori said notwithstanding its friendly disposition to attract investors into the State, government would not fold its arms and watch any of them take laws into its hands and engage in activities that could be injurious to the health of residents.


“As you know the State government welcomes investors, but we are not just welcoming investors whose activities would be hazardous to the healthy living of the good people of Ogun State. We noticed this, and if you observe very well, you will agree with me that having two sites located in the same area on its own is suspicious; this is neither near the raw materials nor the market” Olubori pointed out.


He said, "we noticed that the people in the neighborhood have been complaining severally and the industries are not yielding to the advice we are giving them; we have no option than to take the decision we are taking now."


Asked if the decision to seal up the premises would be rescinded if they register with his Ministry, Engr. Olubori said government was only concerned about doing things the way they should be done and more essentially, managing the gaseous discharge with proper installation of standard chimney.


"Besides that, these companies are involved in the production of petrochemicals, that on its own, is unacceptable to government. They are involved in the production of diesel, kerosene and black oil using coal tar and used tyres as their raw materials. They would have to approach NNPC and if this could be accommodated within their regulations, why not. But whether it is acceptable to NNPC or not, their activities and operations must not hamper or disturb the existence of the neighborhood," he declared.