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NSCDC Partners IM Corp to Promote Sustainable Peace in Nigeria

NSCDC Partners IM Corp to Promote Sustainable Peace in Nigeria

By AfricanOutlook Reporter

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC) on Tuesday said peace is the key to development of any country, as the Corps pledges to collaborate with International Mentoring Corps a division of Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corps in making sure the country achieved peace.

The chairman BEN Group, Mr. Alistair Soyode, presenting Nigeria Centenary Shoes to Acting Commandant General, Admin, Mr. Suleiman Bello while General Manager BEN TV Africa Regional Office. Steve Izedomi Looks on.

The acting Commandant General, Mr. Suleiman Bello said in Abuja that the Corps has the mandate to ensure peace and order is maintained, adding that any society that is not ready to dialogue and discuss their problems are at a loss.


Engr. Suleiman Bello said this when he received the Coordinating Commandant of Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corps and Chief Executive Officer of BEN Television in his office in Abuja.


Mr. Suleiman Bello said the Corps had devised different formulas to enlighten Nigerians that dialogue, only, is the best approach to resolving conflict.


According to him, "I want to inform you that NSCDC has laboured through the years, we are just 10 years old in the country when it comes to the law that established the Corps and among the functions is peace initiatives while others is to fight vandalism; they have the mandate to fight when attacked as and others also given the mandate of maintaining law which is a very great mandate and that is what they are doing.

"NSCDC have been given the mandate to maintain peace and order and peace is a mission I believe the creator want us to do. For every society that is not ready to dialogue and discussed their problems, they are at lost. It has been found out during the first world war and second world war that they end up dialogue after destruction of lives and properties.


"It is foolish of any group or set of individuals in Nigeria to take up arms against fellow Nigerians and if they can achieve anything by destruction, they would find out that they are also losing on both sides.


"So we want to be in a win-win game. NSCDC has come up with different formulas to let them know that dialogue is the best approach, it is internationally approved approach for any conflicts or any disagreement and that is what we are preaching."


The Commandant noted that women are being organised to talk to themselves as part of strategy to make sure that the country enjoys peace.  He however, commended the courage Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corps has shown in making adequate contact and synergies with NSCDC and promised to make sure that The mission on IM Corps is achieved.


Earlier, the Coordinating Commandant of the IM Corps Mr. Alistair Soyode, said the program needs something to engage Diasporans to contribute without necessity and hardship.  Mr. Soyode, explained that most youths lack mentorship or someone who they can look up and aspire to be like, adding that with the emergence of social media this can be realised as noted with the platform at


"We believe that in order to engage the diasporans, we must find something that allows them to participate in national development. Something that they can engage and find their own time to contribute without much necessity and hardship on them. And that is what gave birth to Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corps in the sense that we have millions of youths in the country who need advice and mentors.  One can look and aspire that you want to be like a successful person and then you look at mentee who are willing to learn from the mentor.


"We look at the social media whereby people can use mobile phones, use emails to communicate with their mentor or mentors might be coming to Nigeria and with this, Nigeria Mentorship Corps has given us the opportunity to let them know that indeed they can come and participate. We have the platform at"


The Coordinating Commandant of the IM Corps however, presented some Centenary Celebration Shoes as souvenirs to the NSCDC as part of efforts to contribute to NSCDC initiatives.