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Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe

The Road to Kigali - Part 51

The Road to Kigali - Part 51


By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D

In the past, they used the crude political tactics of intimidation and contract killings to achieve their aim and have their way.

But now that none of either tactic appears to be serving their interests and craving to hang onto power come rain or shine, they have resorted to name calling by proxy and hiding behind controversial opposition political figures who have assumed the mantles of prophets in their jaundiced imagination.


The fact of the matter is that no volume of insults can erase the indelibly blatant fraud that was Election 2012; likewise, short of abduction and summary execution at the Bundase Shooting Range, no amount of wishful thinking is going to doctor the solid forensic evidence that has been presented by the leaders of the main opposition New Patriotic Party to the august Wood Supreme Court of Ghana.


What the insults and verbal abuse by the impudent hacks of the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress point to is the fact of the name callers and troglodytic abusers woefully lacking the courage to intelligently and rationally debate the available facts and evidence. And it is clearly their woeful inability to come to terms with the immutable facts and figures vis-a-vis Election 2012 that is causing such panic among these gutter-snipe NDC hacks to scream and rave along the corridors and byways of cyberspace, somehow, fervidly hoping that such lunatic flourishes and overtures would cow their inveterate ideological opponents into submission. Fat chance, I say!


Needless to say, you are in good company when a mega-mogul and remarkable political figure like the Progressive People's Party's Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom scampers into your corner and assures you that even though he may not share your specific ideological views and values, nevertheless, he firmly believes that you were the hands-down winner of the 2012 presidential election which was unconscionably and criminally declared for the Trokosi poodle of the so-called National Democratic Congress.


And to hear Dr. Nduom eloquently tell it is nothing short of the implacably and immitigably compelling. Take a reading, here, my dear reader and fellow trucker: "I have been involved in elections [in this country] since 1992, and this is the worst in terms of credibility." And so, of course, it ought not to come as any surprise, whatsoever, that paid hacks of the NDC would confuse malediction - or badmouthing - with critical analysis. For they have been exposed, butt-naked, snot and all, and they have absolutely nothing to fall back on, not even hairy wisps of straw to cling on to, and so their mantra consists of opening the fetid sluice gates of an outhouse and spewing rancid abuse on their cultural and moral betters and intellectual superiors.


In his protestation of Election 2012, Dr. Nduom also hints at the need for the legitimately constituted courts of the land to initiate an enquiry into the sources of funding of the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress, whose lavish vote-buying campaign strategy may well explain the virtual bankrupting of our national coffers in barely the half-year that the former Rawlings shit-bomber has held the reins of governance. On this count, once again, this is what Dr. Nduom has to say: "In my own constituency of Elmina, we had people handing out money on that very day... Giving polling agents 50 or 100 Ghanaian Cedis. Now, when you multiply that by 26,000 polling stations across the country, you get our whole campaign budget. You simply cannot compete with that (See "Nduom: 2012 Elections Lacked Credibility; Supports NPP's Petition" 1/28/13).


We must also hasten to point out to the dear reader that in the Trokosi region across the big river and the world's greatest artificial lake, the NDC campaign payolas were much higher; here, they came in the hi-tech form of laptop computers. A light-hearted critic has even compared this grotesque scenario to one entailing the massive distribution of Suzuki motorbikes to monkeys!


That absolutely none of the key NDC operatives are discussing the 1.3 million-plus fraudulent votes factored into the Mahama column of the 2012 presidential election, other than fatuously blaming NPP polling agents for not having been vigilant enough, such as risibly and embarrassingly opined by Mr. Johnson Asiedu-Nketia, the NDC general-secretary, very well points to the incontrovertible fact of the executive membership of the NDC itself being clearly stunned to have been declared winners of Election 2012 by the uncomfortably fragile and morbid-looking Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.


In other words, it would have been more morally and intellectually edifying were the NDC hacks and their associates capable of grappling with the forensic evidence impugning the credibility of Election 2012. Then again, what am I really trying to get myself into right now - talking democratic accountability and fairness with the unconscionable and uncouth underlings of Mr. Rawlings?



Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D, Department of English, Nassau Community College of SUNY, Garden City, New York. Feb. 22, 2013