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Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In 

  By Ade Shogbonyo 

The inevitable has occurred and now Nigeria is in a state of mourning. At the risk of sounding smug considering the circumstances surrounding the tragedy regarding Allied Air in Ghana and DANA Air in Lagos it was expected and predicted. 


Resuscitating Nigeria's national carrier

Resuscitating  Nigeria's national carrier 

  By Ade Shogbonyo 

Only in Nigeria can the general public be repeatedly raped by their ruling class and yet still “ask for more”. It has been hinted by the current Minister of Aviation that a new Nigerian National carrier is in the making and it is expected to take off in 2012. How convenient. It is an absolute affront to the sensibilities of every God fearing and Nigeria loving Nigerian to have this fostered upon them. Nigeria Airways (the elephant) was cut and diced by criminals that still walk freely today. 

Personality Cult

Personality Cult

By Ade Shogbonyo

 The Federal government of Nigeria in its infinite wisdom has just replaced the heads of FAAN, NAMA and NCAT. In the case of FAAN it couldn’t have come sooner.