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Our forever friend

Our forever friend


By Mettabel

My heart thumped,

My breath caught;

Couldn’t hardly stand still

Shivers down my spine

When you said ‘hello’

The first time I saw you

The day we first met


Frantic races for the phone,

"Hiya Baby, It's me..."

Cord around finger,

Heart heart filled with glee.

Emotions though not seen

 but Mos' def' felt,

As acute as hunger

Only you could satisfy


Tele-video pre-dates? Too late!

Already swallowed the bait

The laughter, the joy

The kisses at the door

Whispered plans made

Oh what a life we’d have!


 The dress and the veil

The walk down the aisle

The fix of my gaze

My darling, my prize

Mama sniffling yet smiling

Cousin Mary blubbering and blowing

Oh what a beautiful morning,

 Oh what a beautiful day!


Now hitched and ready to go

Our very first home

Mish and mash united

But we didn’t care

Finally we were home,

At last ‘a la maison’


The belly, the bloating

Root beer and pineapple floating

Surely to some - “eew”  ,

Ooh but totally delish to me.

The wonder the awe

The birth: Our first child

Misty eyed Daddy holding little Bree,

For the very, very first time


Quietly we stood

Your arms around me tight

As you whispered over and over,

I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Tears rolling down our faces

As one, we turned

Determined to forget, forgive, and to heal

Knowing that what we had between us:

Was too precious to let go


 Who giveth this bride?

Tenderly I watch and wait

As once again you step

Right up to the plate

Mom, Dad, I want you to meet….

Yet another joins our circle

My cup overflows

I am happy and content


I smile as I reminisce

Oh the pain and hurts,

But ahhhh... The laughter and the joy

Through lack and times of abundance

Through sunshine and storm


You have endured; Yes you have

You have not changed,

Yet we have been transformed

You’ve stood by us,

Helping us to flourish and grow

To the point that today

Hand in hand we stand

Forged together and bonded

A threefold cord,

Inseparable, Unbreakable.


You with us,

You by us,

You in us,

Our forever friend




© Adepero Mettabel, 2012

From "Me" to you,

AdePero Mettabel Okulaja

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**Mettabel Okulaja, MD is an Internal Medicine physician, and inspirational speaker who lives in Eden Prairie MN. She is also the author of ‘The Voice of One Woman’ - A rich anthology of prose, poems, original quotes and short stories platformed on her discovery of herself as a deliberate and beautifully unique created being. Available online both in paper and eBook formats, at, and wherever great books are sold.