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By Mettabel

I read the following status update and immediately I read it, the Word of the Lord rose within me: Please read and judge i.e consider carefully then decide which one will be your voice. The voice of cursing doom and gloom, or the voice that that lifts itself up for restoration and blessing, for the establishment of the Kingdom of God!

Status Update:

"I am shocked at the election results. It is a terrible tragedy for America. I feel like I am in mourning for our land that will never again recover. How has our mighty nation fallen! We truly are in judgment from God. I realize now how reprobate America is. This is not the country I once knew and loved. We have changed. We have departed from God. I was wrong. I thought that we had a window of opportunity to repent and turn back to Him. Now, I see how dark it really is in this midnight hour. Woe, woe, woe to our land when we embrace evil as good and darkness in place of light. I weep for our future. Yeshua is coming soon!"


My Response:

I will actually post something here, and I speak for the Lord: In all that we say or do, let us remember that in the word of the king, there is power! Let us rise to our station, for if we say woe and curse our nation, what hope do we have? We are not in the times of the prophets and the kings who cry vengeance! Vengeance... We are in the dispensation of Jesus and His blood that cry MERCY! MERCY! And in the dispensation of His spirit in demonstration of Power and Might... IT IS NOT about us and how we FEEL!


Jesus came to save the LOST and HE has called us to be the LIGHT of the world - to touch the world, not to TORCH the world... The Lord has given a commandment to bless and NONE can reverse it... This nation is blessed not because of our leaders, IT IS BLESSED BECAUSE I AND HIS OTHER RIGHTEOUS CHILDREN DWELL HERE AND FOR OUR SAKE, HE WILL NOT DESTROY IT!


I declare that this land is NOT Sodom and Gomorrah, for there are more than ten righteous in the land. I declare that this is our NINEVEH... So let he/she who is called to declare the Word not declare himself judge, lest he/she land in the belly of the fish till his/her be turned and tuned to the heart of the Lord...


I have watched Christians at their most hateful during this election. I have watched members of Christ's body become polarized because of what they feel is right or wrong, eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When are we going to stop puffing ourselves up as the Pharisees did? When are we going to start declaring that the Kingdom of God is come and is here among us? When are we going to stop pronouncing curses? God is not White, or Black, or Democrat, or Republican, nor is he left-wing, or right-wing, HE IS SPIRIT AND HE IS TRUTH, HE IS JUDGMENT BUT HE IS ALSO MERCY TO THOSE WHO CRY OUT TO HIM.


So instead of sitting and riding on our high horses quoting MEN of God, let us fall to our knees together, calling a solemn assembly and weeping between the porch and the alter, calling on GOD, that the Kingdom of GOD be established. If we read the book of Joel, which is a prophetic book, we will read that shortly after they did this, a mighty and formidable army that COULD NOT BE STOPPED WAS BUILT!


WE ARE THAT ARMY... WE are that army!


So I beseech you all let us stop wielding carnal weapons and let us start warring with our 'mighty in God' weapons of warfare; in UNITED PRAYER not praying against people for they are not the ones that rule, but against, as the Word says, principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in the high places.


Being ready to avenge all disobedience, AFTER OUR OWN OBEDIENCE IS MADE COMPLETE Jesus Christ is Lord of the nations! He is the Lord over America, America is blessed of the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.


The Church as a united force WILL establish the kingdom of GOD here in America and in the world and THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD AND OF HIS CHRIST, AND HE SHALL REIGN FOREVER AND EVER, but WE have to cry MARANATHA! Blessed be God, His Christ and His Spirit forever and ever, and I speak not on a whim, but by compulsion...


God bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!