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Welcome! Goed kom! Karibisha! Nno! Ekaabo! Akwaaba! Barka da zuwa!  Ukwemukela! Marhaban!


African Outlook Online: your interactive multi-discipline website, online community, media portal, blogs and eGlobal meeting point for credible online news and stories from and about Africa and Africans.


African Outlook Online is an arm of Kalahari Media Project, Inc., (KMP). Our aim at KMP is to broaden communication channels on African social, cultural and political issues with Outlook Online as our main platform.


In addition to African Outlook Online, we plan a forum for articulating and addressing African concerns. We envisage this as a weekly newspaper contributing effectively to ongoing debates on current developments in Africa. Outlook, KMP's main platform, aims to provide a credible, diverse and balanced forum for the exchange of ideas and a comprehensive information package on African socio-cultural, political and developmental issues. We plan to publish Outlook in print and online.


 KMD is an alliance of African media professionals working with others from across the world, to promote interactions among people in Africa, Europe, the Middle and Far East, the Caribbean, and the Americas.  We aim to promote global inter-cultural communication with focus on Africa.  We believe, there is a need to further extend the limits of available, and limited, information in the media about Africa in all its diversity and richness. We believe coverage of Africa in the media should not be limited to her present misfortunes or past glories nor should Africa be described by these.  Africa, in the global society’s interest, should be depicted as it truly is, with its diverse people, rich cultural heritage, abundant human and natural resources, emerging socio-economic processes, business and development opportunities, and its challenging political, governance, and economic issues.



Our goal is to become a central focal point in the quest for knowledge on Africa and Africans.  In order to achieve this goal, we will work with other global bodies in Africa and across the globe and build synergy of all available talents, to:


- Promote inter-cultural relations between Africa and the rest of the world;
- Play a vital role in promoting a better grasp of Africa related international events and reducing global tension;

- Facilitate a synergy of talent, with Africa’s human resources at the heart of such efforts and drive;
- Promote positive and more profitable interactions between African societies and societies around the world;

- Create a credible forum for international cultural interaction and communication;
- Offer practical communication solution for Africa, its nation states, and peoples.


There is then, a need for a credible forum for such information activity in the media to create a strong environment for a fecund cultural interaction. KMP toils for a practical communication solution for Africa, its nation states, and its place in the world. Such an efficient avenue of global communication link offers very attractive options to humanity.



Africa is very rich in human and material resources though the human capital remains largely underdeveloped. The world second largest in area and population, Africa holds 20% of its land and an extraordinary reserve of its resources. Her known mineral wealth places her among the world’s richest continents. Its huge share of the world’s mineral resources includes petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, and gold, etc. It is a land flowing with ‘milk and honey’, whose cultural richness is globally acclaimed. Her hairstyles, art forms, garb, safaris, music, colors, cuisine and wealth, are ever in great global demand. However, there is a key element missing between cultural acceptance and an understanding of African socio-economic life. This factor remains central to a complete union and deployment of world resources. We aim to boost a solid exchange and a more fruitful relationship, governed by a better grasp of data on Africa.



It is the central continent of the world, lying closest to all the others yet it is far behind in the world.  East Asia with poor resources has done quite well in the last few decades leaving Africa far behind!  The dismal report has had a telling effect on her and how the world holds her peoples. Thus sans exception, people of African descent are exposed to an all inclusive bias, and its sad replication by, even, Americans of African descent!



In the new world order, Africans have a duty to come together for the good of our motherland: Welcome to the future folks!  Those days when you had to wait till the top of the hour to get the latest news from the big five or six (BBC, VOA, TASS, RFI, DW and XINHUA -The Chinese News Agency) are over.  And gone for good.  We are now in a brave new world of instant messaging: Text, pictures or video from your cell phone or computer terminal, sent half way around the world at a key stroke!  That’s right!


These are the good times! The incredible new (new?), well, not so new, world of the new communication medium – the Internet. It has changed the way we communicate; the way we consume news and sundry information these days. Even the traditional media are beginning to feel the weight of its awesome magic. It has changed the way we live.


Now, we already know that when some of us are about hitting the sack, others are in different stages of the day, either just waking up or will be doing so in a few hours.  The Internet now brings us all into the same cyber neighborhood, be you in Beijing, Moscow, Johannesburg, Delancey in New York or the world famous Sekondi Market in Ghana. Wherever you are on the face of this earth, as long as you are wireless, I am only a keystroke away, neighbor!


So the whole wide world hears about Pete Edochie and Ukwa’s kidnap in Nigeria; we heard and saw in virtual real time, the attack on the Togolese team in Cabinda, the earthquake in Haiti, the ‘underpants-bomber’ in Detroit, within seconds. Just like, a happening down the street with, you safely ensconced behind your little bungalow window, watching. Through your monitor. Your own window on the world.


In Africa, All issues in need of a solution always get a hearing at the village square:


In the African democratic model of governance, all voices are heard. The feeble old woman who retails cigarettes, kola and chewing sticks at the junction, the village butcher, traditional medicine hawker or even the village drunk! Every voice counts. The rich. The poor. Young or old. Man or woman. And, Everybody listens. No idea, no matter how pathetic is discounted. The elders words of wisdom consequently become very effective. Your views or non-views are always welcome at the Village Square.


In this new information age, and this era of the citizen journalist, we all now have powerful keystrokes at our finger tips. This is why we here pledge to you to verify and thoroughly investigate our stories to the best of our capabilities, before we publish. We will also work hard to recruit credible and well-balanced users of the pen - a.k.a writers and opinion leaders to provide you with something of measurable value for your precious time on our website.


This is a not so new effort to create a credible and balanced forum for the exchange of ideas and a comprehensive information package on issues relevant to Africa and Africans and the totality of our socio-cultural evolution. Our main thrust we hope will develop into a forum for articulating and addressing Africa concerns. It is planned to become an online outlet, designed to effectively contribute to ongoing debates on current developments in Africa. This is the platform we wish to establish and we need your support and assistance. We welcome your creative inputs and constructive criticism as we undertake to build something we will all be proud to associate with as African citizens.


“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”


— Haile Selassie Ethiopian Statesman (1892-1975), Emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1974)


If you see something... Say something...!

If you have something to say...

Say it right here at African Outlook Online. Stay Tuned.

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